Mind very quiet moment


And then move forward, there will be boating, sitting on Chuanpeng kind of boat, exposure to the river, the boatman rowing oars sit in a head to see him shaking motivate river boat, or walk or stop a passerby on Andi. Smart looked a puddle river, mind emerged an idea, think it is so ancient stayed in, more like traveling far from mundane noise of excitement, but more like each other away from the bustling city of indifference, more want to get to know this charming place a few like-minded friends, Sushi friend had read and swim in the Red Cliff for Fu, I also think and talk Companion Pan Jiang, then, might feel left me and the world the other side Only collision spark thought and soul 迪士尼美語 好唔好. I think ...... I just know the hearts of all those fairy tales.

Walking in the decadent old blank walls, stroking those brick by brick precipitated years of marks, with the passage of time in the United States. Shen evening twilight falls, the elongated shadow behind him. Free speech is surrounded by the crowd whisper twos. The ancient city of the world into their world, bit by bit burned into their memories hk hotel.

There is a long thin river, the river is lined waterfront and habitat of people. Some quaint inn sign hung, slightly customs mean. The water is clear bottoming out. In the morning the town visible local woman, carrying a basket of clothes in the river scrub, hammering, and occasionally can hear them singing, accompanied by clothes wade into the river water sound, in a small town four weeks sounded sound, there to hard life of tired, but more could hear their own comfortable life satisfaction and pleasure, there is a scramble for a non-drive worldly fame and indifferent. Their life , maybe something positive from them will be able to see the smile on the face only traces of the passage of time, but not a lifetime chasing mundane mundane proudly and lavish, not lose it a part of their own unique beauty.

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Mind very quiet moment