This year nearly Autumn


This is the first new residential occupancy death of the old man, the neighbors are very sad, the same talk, who did not say a word on the new neighbors hurry to leave the road a farewell. I was in the afternoon to go, buy a gun and foil paper currency Server Rack. The first went into the garage and saw the lady sitting beside her husband, softly saying something I do not know, see me go, she looked haggard eyes greeted me, not the day before enthusiasm. Go when the sun shines on the head, the body warm; out when there is a thick layer of clouds, the sun on my back as much as chilly.

Admitted to the cell safely through to the fifth year, during which the two sides of my wife and parents and relatives also live in a group wave to me, and everyone bustling live here for some time and left, before leaving said, This beautiful scenery district, residential neighbors enthusiasm. Unfortunately, my sister actually never been to my house once university innovations, and perhaps the road is long, some economic constraints sister home, afraid to spend a few expenses, may not be the reason.

I was on duty in the unit, early in the morning they received a call from Nanjing, the phone is a brother, my sister said excitedly tone cerebral hemorrhage hospitalized for treatment. I hasten to leave to buy a train ticket to Nanjing, has been rushed to the hospital in the afternoon, after the approval of the request to enter the emergency room physician visits sister services apartment hk
. Her head, body stuck pipe of varying thickness, eyes tightly closed, his face pale, covered with twitching. I clasped her hand, calling "Sister, sister ......" she did not respond, the person in front, but I could not communicate with her, even if it is eye contact. Sight but not into her emotional world, this was my school career role model and guide, she was so closed the emotional exchange with his brother Portal - the eyes, so I can only eyes wide open see a strange and confused.

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This year nearly Autumn